Project Health

An interesting exercise that tries to reduce risk of the failure and identify problems early.

The Project Team has been asked to answer couple of questions about the state of the Project. To make it more fair the Team has been split in two groups and each of groups has been asked independently, without knowing the answers of other group.

The result was quite unexpected, the answers where different for almost half of the questions. You can see it on the picture, same questions answered with different colors.

Below is the list of the questions and the answers of one half of the team and another, each question could be answered with "yes", "no" or "kinda".

  • Does the Project has full-time Owner? (kinda, no)
  • Is the Team ballanced? (yes, yes)
  • Is there a shared understanding between the Team members? (yes, yes)
  • Does the Project has clear Value and Metrics? (yes, no)
  • Is there a Demo? (yes, no)
  • Is there a ReadMe? (kinda, kinda)
  • Are the Dependencies clearly identified and understood? (yes, no)
  • What's the Velocity of the Project (are the updates frequent)? (yes, kinda)

What I find interesting is that there could be huge disconnect between the team members about understanding of what's going on and what they are doing.

I personally thing that this is a good showcase of how important to keep things and communication simple and clear.