B2B Sales

I worked about a year selling CRM, ECM and BPM systems to small and mid-sized enterprises.

Why? I decided to step aside from my usual work as a technical specialist and learn how to sell, because I believe that skill is very important.

I joined EIS (Enterprise Informational Systems), a small company helping enterprises to cut losses and gain more profit working more efficiently.

At first I spend 3 month having zero sales, I tried different technics but without any success. My communication skills was relatively good, I knew the product well and explained product features also well, still nobody wanted to buy it.

After couple of tens of meetings I suddenly realised - the product features and technologies doesn't matter at all. It doesn't matter how good the product is and how good you presented it to the customer because customer don't care about it at all.

The only thing customer do care about is how they can make more money (or, in some bureaucratic organisations - how they can work less).

It was the turning point, after realising all that my presentations became short and simple and I started to get contracts.

I asked the customer what he wants and how his business works to better understand how to apply our product. And then I explained how our product can make his life better.

By the end of the year I take second place in department by the year's sales volume.

My stats

Gathered for the time period of 2 months.

Calls Meetings / Presentations Contracts
200 20 4

Calls aren't cold, it's a leads from web ads who registered on our site. There was actually more meetings, because there where 2-3 meetings for every customer.

Books that helped me be

Business at the Speed of Thought, Bill Gates.

Gave me insights about how to apply technologies to business and explain technical features of the product in terms of cost and profit.

Cold Calling Techniques, Steve Schiffman.

Taught me how to be efficient at acquiring leads, measure and perfect everything. I started writing down my performance metrics - number of calls, meetings, time spend etc. And working on improving it.

Sales Dogs, Robert Kiyosaki

I tried different techniques described in this book and improved my communication and presentations skills.