Hi! I’m a Web Developer. I like technologies and creating things.

Most of the time I work with HTML/CSS, JavaScript,
Ruby on Rails or Java.

I also believe in agile techniques and frequently experiment with prototypes to get early responses from the customers.

If you need more details please take look at the projects below, blog or contact me directly.

Open Technologies

I built ECM & BPM solution based on Alfresco and Liferay.

After creating the initial version I also participated in customising and delivering it to the customers.


B2B Sales

I worked about a year selling CRM, ECM and BPM systems to small and mid-sized enterprises.

Why? I decided to step aside from my usual work as a technical specialist and learn how to sell, because I believe that skill is very important.

I joined EIS (Enterprise Informational Systems), a small company helping enterprises to cut losses and gain more profit working more efficiently.



I joined team working on the network monitoring solution for one of NetCrackers’s customers - Telstra.

The goal of the project was to detect and fix problems with network devices as soon as possible, to improve quality of Telstra services. The system watch over network devices, detect malfunctions, and fixes or report problems to the support team.

I improved speed and reliability by splitting business logic into small chunks that can be run independently. And cover lots of devices and cases by writing DSL to define case and rule engine that can parse and process it.