Hi! I’m a Web Developer. I like technologies and creating things.

Most of the time I work with HTML/CSS, JavaScript,
Ruby on Rails or Java.

I also believe in agile techniques and frequently experiment with prototypes to get early responses from the customers.

If you need more details please take look at the projects below, blog or contact me directly.


I joined at the start of the project as UI lead, my responsibility was User Interface, Public API and creating tools for QA team to make sure it works with required quality.

It's a DevOps automation. User defines requirements for his application and hits the ‘Run’ button. The platform does the rest - prepares machines in the Cloud, installs and runs all needed dependencies and then run the user application in specified environment. It also does lots of other things like monitoring, logging etc.



Experimental side project, transform plain text into websites, blogs, wikis. This site built with it.


Web Crawler

There's one shop who resells goods from lots of other shops. They needed to collect huge amount of data about the products from those shops and keep it updated.

The problem though - they can't use existing crawlers because most of it can't craw JS heavy sites, only HTML ones.

I created Web Crawler that uses Real Browser and being able to parse any site and processing hundreds of thousands products every day to keep the prices and other product data always up to date.

If you are interested about the Web Crawler and how it works please take a look at the articles


Cart Widget

Created simple Cart Widget http://salejs.com that can be included into any HTML page and turn it into Shop.

There's also tutorial and screencast explaining development step by step http://jslang.info/projects/salejs

Cart Widget


Prototyping Mobile Web Application

We decided to spend one evening prototyping very simple and small but unusual thing for our product.

I choose to build very basic mobile prototype. Actually our app is already responsive and can work on mobile devices, but it doesn't looks very good. I wanted it looks like a native application.

It took me about 4 hours to build this prototype (Backbone, Ratchet and CoffeeScript), you can see it live here code on GitHub.

Prototyping Mobile Web Application


LaTeX Editor

Document publishing and sharing service for scientists and universities http://banyan.co wanted improve user experience and allow its users edit and collaborate on the documents in the Browser.

I created Web Editor allowing working with documents online and instantly publish it. It support all common file operations, syntax highlights, documents preview and processing (for example to convert LaTeX into pdf or html).


File Browser

Created online File Browser, it can preview and edit common file types, support drag & drop and has other standard file browsing features.

I liked iPad interface and tried to imitate it in the browser.

Another thing to note it uses optimistic user interface, with sophisticated cache it gives significant speedup for browsing, without blocking user with waiting and progress bars.


Promotional sites

Small side projects, promotional sites for Ford Fiesta and Lumix while working as a contractor for Mediablo.

Ford Fiesta



I joined as a Web / Ruby on Rails Developer and worked on the new version of the Art & Fashion Social Network.

Later our team created the online Store from the scratch.