Hi! I’m a Web Developer. I like technologies and creating things.

Most of the time I work with HTML/CSS, JavaScript,
Ruby on Rails or Java.

I also believe in agile techniques and frequently experiment with prototypes to get early responses from the customers.

If you need more details please take look at the projects below, blog or contact me directly.

LaTeX Editor

Document publishing and sharing service for scientists and universities http://banyan.co wanted improve user experience and allow its users edit and collaborate on the documents in the Browser.

I created Web Editor allowing working with documents online and instantly publish it. It support all common file operations, syntax highlights, documents preview and processing (for example to convert LaTeX into pdf or html).



I worked on the email marketing solution for company's customer - SendGrid.

At first I worked with supporting existing and adding new features. Later in order to adapt to increasing load I participated in development of the new version of analytical module.

We used Hadoop to preprocess raw data and aggregate some stats and later stored it in MySQL database for quick access.


Promotional sites

Small side projects, promotional sites for Ford Fiesta and Lumix while working as a contractor for Mediablo.

Ford Fiesta



I joined as a Web / Ruby on Rails Developer and worked on the new version of the Art & Fashion Social Network.

Later our team created the online Store from the scratch.